recently released:
2020   "absence"

"den angestoßenen Augen der Steine" (2014)
for cb-clar, vln, live-electronics and tape

(Ensemble Reflexion K)

"absence - traces éloignées" (2007) for 4 piccolo and 2 percussion
(Ensemble Reflexion K and Ensemble L'art pour l'art)

"Annäherung an Petrarca" (2006) for 4 voices, fl and vc
(Ensemble Auditivvokal and Duo Reflexion K)

"außen, von tief innen" (2015) for bass-fl, cb-clar and vc
(Ensemble Reflexion K)

Ensemble Reflexion K, Ensemble Auditivvokal and Ensemble L'art pour l'art

mode records   (mode 320)
Ensemble Reflexion K
Beatrix Wagner
Rebecca Lenton
Martina Roth
Joachim Striepens
Johannes Fischer
Lenka Zupkova
Andre Bartetzki
Gerald Eckert
flute (3, 4), piccolo (2)
piccolo (2)
piccolo (2)
clarinet, contrabassclarinet (1, 4)
percussion (2)
violin (1)
live-clectronics (1)
direction (2), electronics (1), violoncello (3, 4)

Ensemble L'art pour l'art
Astrid Schmeling
Matthias Kaul
piccolo (2)
percussion (2)

Auditivvokal Ensemble
Viktoria Wilson
Katja Fischer
Jonas Finger
Cornelius Uhle
Olaf Katzer
soprano (3)
alto (3)
tenor (3)
baritone (3)
direction (3)
2017   "about water II" for tape

on:  DeGeM CD15  

contains also compositions by: Barlow, Behrens, Fiebig, Hofmann,
Jentzsch, Pomorin, Reith, Robles-Angel, Supper, Tutschku

EDITION DEGEM,  ed06 LC27648
2016   "on the edges"

"An den Rändern des Maßes" (2005-11) for two ensemble groups

"Bruchstücke... erstarrtes Lot" (1998/ 99) for ensemble

"Sopra di noi... (niente)" (2014) for small orchestra

Ensemble Reflexion K and guests

mode records   (mode 288)
The CD "on the edges" (mode records) has been nominated for the bestlist - 3/ 2016 - of the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik".
2014   "Cer" for 2-(4)-channel-tape

on:  DeGeM CD12  -  "seltene Erden"   ("noble earths")

contains also compositions by: Behrens, Beuter, der 2te Freund, Fiebig, Golla,
Haarmann, Harenberg, Hofmann/ Rofalski, Sharma, Sistermanns, Smith

EDITION DEGEM,  ed03 LC27648
2011   "Gegendämmerung" for flute and voice

on:  CD  "Spiegelungen"

flute:  Beatrix Wagner;  voice: Katja Kanowski

contains also compositions for flute by: B. Furrer, C. Gadenstätter, G.F. Haas, G. Kampe, B. Lang and K. Lang

edition zeitklang    ez - 44046
2009   "nor" for percussion solo

on:  CD  "Traces - Spuren"

Johannes Fischer - percussion

contains also compositions by: R. Hirs, D. Mack and I. Xenakis

GENUIN     GEN 89135
2008   "absence - traces éloignées" for 4 piccoli and 2 percussion

on:  CD  "Transit Festival Leuven - world premieres 2007"

mit dem  Ensemble SurPlus
(M. Roth, E. Hirst, B. Wagner, G. Durando - piccoli, O. Tzschoppe, P. Pons - percussion, J. Avery - director)

contains also compositions by: H. Radulescu, D. Ricketson, J. Clarke, R. de Raaf and B. Vanhecke

Supplement to the program of the Transit Festival Leuven 2008     
2008   "chamber music"

"Studie über Nelly Sachs" for soprano, fl, hrp, acc, perc, vln and cb,

"Vom Innen - Körnung" for viola solo,

"Nen VII" for flute, violoncello and tape

"Schächte - les nuages d’automne" for flute, viola and harp,

"Klangräume II" for piccolo and tape,

"Feld 3." for flute and harp,

"wie Wolken um die Zeiten legt" for soprano, flute, accordeon and percussion,

"Fäden" (1st part) for flute, violoncello, accordeon and harp

ensemble reflexion K

NEOS     NEOS 10811
2008   "Inschriften" for organ and percussion

on:  CD  "unbounded" with Zsigmond Szathmáry (organ) and Olaf Tzschoppe (percussion)

contains also compositions by: A. Schlünz, D. Biró, R. Breitenfeld and B. Pröve

edition zeitklang    ez - 37035
2007   "Prisma - du fond d'un naufrage" for 2-channel-tape

on:  DeGeM CD9  -  " Orpheus400 "

contains also compositions by: Bartetzki, Brand, Florian, Gerwin, Haarmann,
Heintz, Ishigami, Kessler, Koch, Kreidler, McKinnon, Liebhart, Muenz,
Niehusmann, Sistermanns

2006   "Aphel"

"... des Säglichen Zeit ..." for one actor/ speaker, small ensemble and tape,

"Bruchstücke... erstarrtes Lot" for ensemble,

"Schatten, aufgeworfen" for soprano, violin and violoncello
version for contralto, violin and violoncello,

"Aphel" for orchestra

Ensemble SurPlus / NDR-Pilharmonie Hannover (Aphel)

edition zeitklang  -  composeres art label     CAL 13020
2004   "des Nichts, verlorene Schatten"

"des Nichts, verlorene Schatten" for ensemble,

"erinnerte Zeit, gebrochen" for Klarinette (bass-clar.), violin and piano,

"L'étendue des fins éclats, éparse" for violin solo,

"offen - fin des terres" for ensemble and tape

Ensemble Aventure

col legno WWE 1 CD 20 231
2004   "offen - fin des terres" for ensemble and tape

ensemble Aventure

contains also compositions by: Mario Mary, Laurent Soulie and Ambrose Field

on:  CD  "Bourges - Cultures électroniques Nr.17"  LDC 278 078
2003   "Schwebe, verloeschend" for flute, percussion (and speaker ad lib.),

"Nachtbogen" for flute (alto-fl) and violoncello

on:  CD  "Musica su due dimensioni" of the ensemble reflexion K

contains also compositions by: Cage, Carcano, Ishii, Maderna, Zender

AMBITUS - amb 96 858
2003   "dem schweigenden Antlitz" for bass-flute (and picc)

on:  CD  "Positions"

flutes:  Beatrix Wagner

contains also compositions for flute solo by: Huber, Holliger, Marcus

AMBITUS - amb 96 831
2001   "gefaltetes Moment" for ensemble (fl, clar, vl, vc and perc)

on:  CD  "Zeitspuren" of the ensemble Horizonte

contains also compositions by: Crumb, Feldman, Mittmann, Mundry

AMBITUS - amb 96 813
2000   "Nachtschwebe" for large orchestra

on:  CD  International Courses of Darmstadt 1998

contains also compositions by: Andre, Asphergis, Birkenkötter, Cage, Hosokawa, Kurtag, Reudenbach, Sciarrino, etc.

col legno WWE 2 CD 20055
1997   "Diaphane" for 2-channel-tape

on:  CD  "Noise, colours" (DeGeM-CD 2)

contains also compositions by: Aharonian, Chin, Furukawa, Koenig

published by the german society of electroacoustic music (DeGeM)
1996   "Diaphane" for 2-channel-tape

on:  CD  "Tangent"

contains also compositions by: Brümmer, Garavaglia, Hartmann, Ollertz, Reith

Reihe ExMachina bei CYBELE;  CYBELE 960.102
1996   "Aux mains de l'espace" for 4-channel-tape

on:  CD  "Le son qui s'arrête - Le son éclaté"

contains also compositions by: Brümmer, Reith

Reihe ExMachina bei CYBELE;  CYBELE 960.101