Prisma - du fond d’un naufrage

electroacoustic sounds (2-channel-tape)

"Prisma - du fond d’un naufrage" takes a look from the present to the opera "L’Orfeo" of Monteverdi and dissociates the whole into single fragments. Starting with profound transformations of a single sound fragment extracted from "L’Orfeo", a new sound structure will be created. This sound structure is independent from that of the beginning and sets it's own coordinates as, in an aesthetic sense, a self-standing timbre structure. This timbre structure in its darkened consistency, whose extinction is contained in the moment of its appearance, is interfered with transformed moments of two compositions - "gedunkelte Brüche" and "Nen VII". This moments appear as feedbacks both in the sense of thoughts and as sound structure.
- graphical representation: sonogramm of the whole duration (x-axis) - 129sec. -, the range of frequency (y-axis) is 12 kHz -


Prisma - du fond d’un naufrage