offen - fin des terres

ensemble and tapes

In "offen - fin des terres" the two constitutive structural levels of instrumental and electronic sounds are juxtaposed fundamentally as ciphers from alien sound worlds. In irregular fluctuations, however, the sound processes of the tape materials, deformed by various methods, grow closer to the instrumental sound. More precisely, the instrumental layers are deliberately "expanded" tonally, so as not to resist this approach but to permit it explicitly. The resulting partial amalgamation of levels forms a contrast to constitutive distance and foreignness. This also extends to the relationships of the instruments to one another. The heterogeneous instrumentation lends musical structures a powerful spatial effect, which is picked up by the depth of field of the tape material. The initial conception for the piece, title, and associative description of the work arose from the passing observation of a graffito in the ruins of a bunker: "FIN DES TERRES". The possibility of placing and assigning the inscription to multiple levels of meaning led to a mesh of inferences and interpretations. The work was composed between June and November 2002 - commisioned by the Ensemble Aventure under the auspices of the "Stiftung Kunst und Kultur des Landes NRW". The tapes for "offen - fin des terres" were produced in the Experimentalstudio of the Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung of the SWR in Freiburg.