l'étendue des fins éclats, éparse

violin solo

Macroprocesses that allow themselves to appear on the different levels of the compositional structure are integral elements of "l'étendue des fins éclats, éparse (roughly, "shattered dimensions, scattered") for solo violin. The temporal structures of different, interrelated structural aspects are shifted in perspective. Movements can be seen as extensions in space or as an expression of the imprisonment in "closed" paths whose temporal behavior is unstable. The musical structures appear, by means of acceleration or deceleration, in altered forms that stand out for their breathlessness, tension, refusal, pausing, or even vulnerability. The resulting impression is of an extension of individual particles with differing color values. These perspectival color schemes differ in terms of changes to their tonal and structural characters, out of which individual fragments break off as traces, with the result that the clarity of the connections is lost.