dem schweigenden Antlitz

bass-flute solo (and piccolo)

The 'Dies irae-Sequence' forms the basis of the flute piece “DEM SCHWEIGENDEN ANTLITZ”, which is not used as a quotation but as a kind of "background structure" - a macroformal grid. Processes of different zooms are splitting up the individual tones - elements - of the Sequence, so that irregular wide spaces will be opened.
Modulated transformed time-structures interfere on this unstable "background". So as results extinguishes, neutralizations, layers or interferences are created. Simultanously this processes are transforming gradually (e.g. time stretching), so that the attention of the listener is drawn to the - audible - spaces, which develops their own characteristics of timbre.
The title “DEM SCHWEIGENDEN ANTLITZ” refers to the poem "Klage" of Georg Trakl.