two scenic monologues

soprano, (and bariton), clar., perc. and viola

"Tratto" consists of two shorter parts, both monologues. The textual foundation for both pieces are short fragments from Dante's "Inferno", taken from "The Divine Comedy." Within this context, the "poetic spaces" in functioning as a reflection of "attributes" of the various cycles of hell, take on a key position for the formal structure of the work. Attributes are inscribed into the space as formal moments of existence, attached to each respective instant. As such they leave traces on the tableau of progression. Being "on the way" makes possible the creation of distance as a necessary category for enabling an appropriation of spaces.

(Translation: Imogen von Tannenberg)

Io venni in loco d' ogni luce muto,
e il duol, che truova in su gli occhi rintoppo
si volve in entro a far cerscer l'ambascia
Come quando una grossa nebbia spira,
o quando l'emisperio nostro annotta,
par di lungi un molin che il vento gira;