Studie ueber Nelly Sachs
2004/ 08

voice and ensemble

The starting point for "Studie über Nelly Sachs" ("Study on Nelly Sachs") are "particles" - fragments - of various poems from the poet's late work. These particles are selected so that on the one hand they contain a statement, albeit incomplete, on their own and on the other hand they contain different reflection states and - energetic - processes.
The processes in the oeuvry of Nelly Sachs always give the impressions of autonomy, which are relentless, without intervention or correction being possible. In "Studie über Nelly Sachs" these particles and processes are abstracted and find their formal expression in the composition, detached from the linguistic level. The formal, tonal structures and processes developed in this way are ultimately enriched again by using a few fragments of speech from various poems, so that a space is spanned in which the autonomous sound-aesthetic structures and the fragments of speech suggest a possibility of approximation of these structural levels.