Video-Projekt Stockhausen "Mikrophonie I" and Gerald Eckert "Gestade in Fernen" and "Interception"

Karlheinz Stockhausen "Mikrophonie I" for TamTam, 2 Microphones, 2 filters and regulators (6 player)

(André Wittmann and Arian Robinson - TamTam; Beatrix Wagner and Burkart Zeller - microphones; Andre Bartetzki and Gerald Eckert - regulators)

Gerald Eckert "Gestade in Fernen" for 2 violoncellos (segments 12 - 14)
(Burkart Zeller and Gerald Eckert - violoncello)

Gerald Eckert "Interception" for violoncello and tape
(Burkart Zeller - violoncello, Gerald Eckert - electronics)

Video recordings in the St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde from 15.02. - 19. 02. 2021

Impressions from the recording sessions


Stockhausen "Mikrophonie I" - when setting up the video cameras

Eckert "Gestade in Fernen" - when setting

Eckert "Interception" - during last check

links to the videos on youtube:

Stockhausen "Mikrophonie I"

Eckert "Gestade in Fernen" (excerpt, segments 12 - 14)

Eckert "Interception"