violoncello and small ensemble

- "Nôéma" (greek) means object of thought, matter of thought or the content of a thought
- The metamorphosis from fragile, long static sounds to short sharp structures
- The "unsharpness" between event _ impulse and the course of time, i.e. the determining of one parameter allowes the indetermining of the other
- These starting points will be used in an abstract way and appears in several structures of both sound and form

- Starting at a certain idea of "aleatory", the characteristic of which doesn't appear as a complete indeterminedness but as a restriction of the degrees of liberty, various aleatorical models/ structures have been developed to describe qualitatively the characteristics of the timbres
- The macroform (-structure) is of an asymmetrical charater/ type

An integral part of the composition process lay in the transformation of the "unsharpness" into musical structures as well as the focus on a aesthetic conception of timbres - depending on various perspectives.


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