large orchestra

One of the central aspects of the orchestra piece “Nachtschwebe” is the state of “balance”, in the actual sense it means thestate of balance, which is always in danger and delicate. So this state of balance  is an “utopian state”. Transformed into musical structures these aspects get through the whole piece, concerning  the formal structure and the sound-characteristics of the piece:
- the creation of timbres, which are fragile, instabile and ‘incomplete’. The ‘incompleteness’ concerns for all the missing “balance” of the sounds. In the same time there are existing various spectra, which create there very own sound characteristics - similar to the different surface structures of the oil-paintings, the irregularities of the reliefs. One of the basic aspects of the paintings is also that one of “balance”- in different perspectives.
States of balance, created on the structure-layer, generate on the musical-layer augmentations and contractions, there arise various grades of nearness and distance, concerning both the harmonic structures and the micro-periods of time. The micro-structures inherent are different states and moments of "balance".