voice (soprano) and flute

... Gerald Eckert's approach to the compositional issue of perception boundaries is highly idiosyncratic. In "Gegendämmerung" (Counter-twilight) for flute and voice (2008) he explores the grey areas between musical contours and the processes of disintegration and volatility, both in relation to the literary source and the sonic developments that it ignites. In an earlier piece "An den Rändern des Maßes" for two ensemble groups (2005-2011) Eckert referred to Raoul Schrott‘s poem "Physikalische Optik V". Although "Gegendämmerung" only uses fragments from this text, the composer leaves us in no doubt that the poem as a whole is his point of reference. When for instance the "sch" sound is filtered out of the word "Gischt" (spray), the music enters the void that leaves language behind. The flute makes frequent branching allusions to the voice, if only via an echo, which lead to the margins of audibility...

(Daniel Ender in: booklet of the CD "Spiegelungen" by Beatrix Wagner;   Edition Zeitklang, 2011;  LC00581)