The depletion of rare earth elements does not only cause extreme environmental distress, but also creates "desert-like" abandoned landscapes. Nevertheless, these "exploited" landscapes have an aesthetic aspect. The "ruin-like" character of these demolitions, which results from depletion, leaves behind, or rather, causes a "void", which can be seen as the origin for something new or as complete destruction and therefore defeat of human efforts.
The musical source material consists of industrial sounds (harbor facilities, railway bridges), instrumental sounds in industrial warehouses as well as human speech fragments, which retrace this "void" - basically the reciprocal result of the initial position - through various transformations and superimpositions (Cer is one of the so-called rare earth elements and exists almost exclusively in conjunction with other elements).


- sonogramm: the total time (x-axis) - 421sec. -, the frequency range (y-axis) is 12 kHz