Annäherung an Petrarca

4 (12) voices, flute and violoncello

The text passages for "Annäherung an Petrarca" come mainly from Petrarch's Sonnet No. 134. The sublime of the feelings as well as the ambivalence of the different states of the ego led to the compositional examination of these texts.
The brokenness - an essential feature of modernity - of the different states was made clear by splitting the texts into individual fragments (also in different languages). The resulting - intellectual - gaps were expanded by fragile instrumental moments and spaces, which both take up the energetic potential of the texts and create moments of vulnerability through a specially created sound architecture.

Pace non trove et non ó da far guerra

(e temo et spero, et aedo et so nun ghiaccio,)

et (volo) sopra 'l cielo et giaccio in terra,

(et nulla stringo et tutto 'l mondo abbraccio.)
Pascomi di color, piagendo rido,
equalmente mi spiace, morte e vita.

(In questo stato son, Donna, per vui.)

Nun schweigt (der) Himmel, die Erde und der Wind